An Inter Religious Celebration of Sinhala & Hindu New Year

The celebration of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year 2008 was organized by “SETIK” with all the grass-root level groups from the fields where “Setik” programmes are implemented. The celebrations were held on 18th April 2008 at the public ground of Rattota, Matale district, Central Proince. Over 400 peple actively participated in the programme, enabling us to realize our main objective of this programme – which was to build cordial relationship of inter-ethnic groups.

The celebrations commenced with the hoisting of the national flag by Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney – Director JPHDHR Secretariat and the flags of the four main religious by respective religious leaders.

This was followed by a series of about 20 traditional games in which all participated joyfully – children, women and men. The winners were awarded and the programme concluded with the national anthem.

All participants enjoyed themselves and our objective of promoting inter religious harmony and inter ethnic cordiality was realized to a good extent.