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Visit of Ms. Marlies

Ms. Marlies Felfernig, the representative of DKA Austria for Sri Lanka, which provides financial aid to plantation and child labour units of our organization, paid a visit to the plantation areas in Matale and Nuwara Eliya and to our organization on 16th, 17th & 18th of October 2012 respectively, to review the progress achieved by the people, during the last two years and to discuss their future aid programmes. She said that she was very happy to learn the progress and changes in the plantation areas through the views of the community.

Orientation Programme for Staff Capacity Building Programme

An orientation programme for staff capacity building programme was held at SETIK auditorium on the 30th of October, presided over by Mr. N. C. Gregory, the Administrative Manager. Mr. Mahinda Gunaratne, the Representative of CAFOD in Sri Lanka too was present on this occasion.

Mr. Lalith Abeysinghe functioned as the resource contributor, who enlightened the staff of the significance of capacity building, the vision and mission of the organization.

Further, time tables were decided for the future programmes at a discussion held with the staff.

Residential Computer Training Programme

The residential computer training programme on MS Office 2007 was successfully conducted from 7-13 October 2012 at the SETIK Auditorium. The resource contribution was provided by Mr. S. Wasantha. 23 youth from the remote, poverty stricken families in the plantation areas and the samoordhy recipients families in the rural areas took part in this programme. These youth also had the opportunities to take part in various programmes during their stay.

In addition to computer literacy, they also gained a good knowledge in leadership traits and virtuous attitudes. Both Sinhalese and Tamil youth took part in this programme which helped them to improve their cordial relationship. Also, this was a good opportunity to learn each others languages.

At the conclusion of this programme, they were so close and unable to separate from each other, as separation from the beloved once was a suffering for them. This was a great strength for the formation of a violent free youth group.

Ayurvedic Medical Clinic and Eye Clinic

The medical clinics organized jointly by our youth unit and the youth group of Nagalawewa were held at the Nagalawewa community hall on the 10th of October 2012.

This programme was conducted in view of the World Elders’ Day. This was highly praised by the people of this area.

When the elderly parents are being left out at the homes for the elders by some of the youth, without discharging their duties towards parents, this worthy and virtuous act of the youth unit of SETIK together with the Nagalawewa youth, was highly praised and appreciated by the people.

About 150 people received ayurvedic treatment from the ayurvedic medical officers of the ayurvedic hospital, Dambulla.

Spectacles were supplied to 56 people at concessionary rates from the eye clinic. Three patients were referred for eye operation for removal of their cataracts free of charge.

This can be described as a consolidation to Nagalawewa youth group for their violent free journey towards sustainable development with the youth unit of SETIK.

Awareness Programme for Government Officers

Problematic situation will arise when the government officers serve the community. This may arise from both parties.

In order to minimize these problems and to enhance the efficiency and quality of the government officers, we conducted an awareness programme on 27th August 2012 at the auditorium of the Ukuwela Divisional Secretariat on Practical problems faced in administration while serving the public, Efficiency of service and safe guarding the basic rights and privileges of the public, Facing the challenges in performing duties and build public relations.

 This awareness programme was conducted specially for 121 recruits who joined the public service recently. Resource contribution was rendered by Mr. Cyril Poddalgoda, Attorney-at-Law and an experienced senior officer in public service.

 The participants gained a good knowledge on the significance of Law in public service, virtuous qualities of a government officer, serving the public with maximum satisfaction.

Programme for Grama Niladhari at Deltota

Another social programme was conducted at the Divisional Secretariat, Deltota on 12th October 2012 pertaining to safe migration, unsafe migration and its adverse effects with the participation of 14 Grama Niladhari officers.

Divisional Secretary and Administrative Grama Niladhari too were among the participants. Resource person Miss. Harshani Lihiniyakumara in her address described about the migrants’ unit and the KAFALA system which exists in the Middle East.


Youth Day Seminar 2012

The commemoration of the international youth day, was conducted as a seminar at St. Benedict’s College, Ampitiya with the participation of 160 youth leaders from the remote rural and plantation areas in the districts of Kandy, Matale, Nuwara Eliya and the youth groups in the parishes.

In his address to the youths, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, the Director of our organization, said that this seminar immensely provide guidance to enhance the power of youth and self-reliance to over come the challenges in life. He also said that he was delighted to see a devoted and dedicated youth group, who are committed to serve the society.

This seminar was greatly contributed to the youth to dispose their hidden talents and skills, to enhance their team spirit, to give proper respect to the views and opinions of others, to obey their leadership and improve virtuous qualities.

Resource contribution to this seminar was provided by Mr. J. Benedict, who enlighten the youth of their duties and social responsibilities. Mr. Upali Dharmakeerthi, the project coordinator and Mr. A.C.S.Crooz, the programme coordinator also addressed at this seminar.

At the conclusion, the youths pledged to devote for the formation of a righteous and virtuous society.

Cordaid Funding Partners Visit

The successes, failures, obstacles and challenges of the youth activities carried out in Kandy, Matale and Nuwara Eliya districts during the last two years were deeply analyzed under the “Non Violent Youth for Sustainable Development”.The topics of “how our future activities be planned?” and “how it should be changed” were also deeply discussed.

 Mr. Jan Nielen of Cordaid organization, Rev. Fr. Director, Administrative Manager, Finance Officer, Project Coordinator and the members of the Youth unit participated at this discussion.

One Day Training Programme

A one day training programme for 58 G. C. E. (O/L) students was conducted at Annfield Tamil Maha Vidyalaya, Dickoya on the 21st of September 2012. The resource contribution was rendered by Mr. R. Mahendran (M.A.), and Mr. Sivakumar (Coordinator – Child Labour Unit).

Dedication of the upcountry Tamil students in education, commitment of the schools and parents in promoting education, how to devote more time for education in order to achieve good results, sports and their advantages were the themes of this programme.

“After this programme, a great change has been taken place in the mentality of the children. Now, they have a firm desire and determination for studies. Their discipline has been improved virtuously”. These are the views expressed by the vice principal and the class teacher of the G. C. E. (A/L) of this vidyalaya. They also request us to organize some more training programmes.


Leadership and Personality Development Programmes for Children

Two, leadership and personality development programmes were conduct at the Hatton Centre and at the SETIK auditorium on the 7th, 8th & 9th and on the 15th & 16th of September 2012 respectively.

For the programme held in Hatton, the resource contribution was rendered by Mr. Peter Roy Gabriel and Mr. Sivakumar. There were 86 participants for this programme. There were 28 participants from three fields for the programme held in Kandy and the resource contribution was rendered by Mr. T. Mohanraj.

The children were given a good knowledge and understanding about leadership talents through various activities to enable them to promote social activities in their fields. This was the objective of our programme. Further, we wanted to make these programmes to enhance their skills.

These children got a good opportunity to enhance their friendship from this training programme.

They assured us that they will utilize their knowledge gained, in their fields.