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The Inter National Women’s day

The Inter National Women’s day organized by the Setik organization –Kandy, was celebrated at the Fruithil Tamil Vidyalaya in Strathon estate on the 18th March 2017, under the theme of “Let us fight for the rights of the plantation women.

This programme was commenced with the street drama depicting the slavery of the plantation women and their rights

Mrs. Mohanarani, Child Development officer attached to Ambagamuwa divisional secretariat of Ambagamuwa and the women leaders who had served over four years under the G.G.H Project were honoured at this programme, which was attended by 153 women.

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The aim of The Children Is To Learn And Not To Earn

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This was attended by over 325 persons  including  the Chief  Incumbent of the Alawathugoda Buddhist temple, Rev.Father Desmond Perera,  Director of  Setik organization, Rev. Fr. Marcus Kodippili  Coordinating Father Matale distric, Kurukkal of  the Hindu kovil, Imam of Jumma Mosque, Mr. Seyon de Alwis, the resourse  person, government officers , principals, and teachers and parents and children.


Youth rally Organized by Caritas Kandy Setik – DBLC and Diocesan Youth Apostolate on 28th January 2017

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The youth day celebration  organized by the DBLC unit of  the Caritas- Kandy- Setik and the youth Apostolate  of the Diocese of Kandy, was held at the  Mahanama grounds , Getembe

About more then 300 youth from the parishes and Grama Niladahari divisions   were the beneficiaries  of this Programme.An Advocacy and lobbying Programme were also conducted to open the eyes of the leaders of our country to look into the  problems of the youth facing in their day to day life. We got the gathering youths to sing a petition to present to the government. A peace walk was enlightening part of their programme which was started at the very outset of the youth rally Youth were enlightened by the address of current issue in society basically on drugs it was facilitated by Dr.Ashoka Hettiarachi

This Programme was held with the patronage of Rev.Fr.Desmond Perera, Director  Caritas –Kandy- Setik. Ver. Rev.Fr.Milroy Fonseka ,  Vicar General of the Diocese  of Kandy, Fr.S.Cecil Xavier  – Director  Youth Apostolate  service and the co-ordinating  Rev.Fathers of Caritas Kandy Setik were also among the participants.

The Christmas carol

The Christmas carol programme was held at the SETIK auditorium on the 17th December 2016 with the patronage of Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera the Director of SETIK organization. This was jointly organized by the projects of Religious Amity and Peace and Reconciliation.  More than 150 participants were present for this programme. Rev.Fr. Roy Clarence, National Director family apostolate service was the guest of Honour, who gave a brief description of the significance of Christmas and Santa Claus.

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The above day was celebrated on the 15th of December, 2016 at the SETIK auditorium Kandy to Honour the inestimable services of the tea plantation community to uplift the nation’s  economy during the past 175 years and to gain their rights & privilegesThe Rt.Rvt.the Bishop of Kandy ,The assistant Indian High Commissioner in Srilanka, Rev. Fr. Director of setik and over 300 tea plantation workers took part  in this celebration.

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Commemoration of Universal Migrants’ Day and the Human Rights Day were conducted together at the Ajantha Hall, Hatton on the 10th December 2016, under the distinguished patronage of Rev. Father Desmond Perera. Director of SETIK organization and the participation of Rev. Fathers Lesly Perera & Markus Kodippili SETIK Co-ordinators in Nuwara Eliya and Matale respectively. More than 300 plantation women had been present to these programmes.

This programme was commenced with a peace walk from the Hatton bus Stand to the Ajantha Hall. The Participants carried posters, banners and distributed leaflets to the people who had gathered on both sides of the road, enlightening their rights and privileges. The second stage of the programme was held at the Ajantha Hall. After the lightening of traditional oil lamp and religious observance, the participants were welcomed by Rev. Father Desmond Perera – the Rev. Father Director in his address stated that, it’s their duty to provide due place to the women in the society with all their rights and privileges.

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