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Caritas Kandy – SETIK Exhibition stall 2014

The annual exhibition stall of Caritas Kandy – SETIK was successfully conducted yet for another year at the St. Antony’s Church premises in Wahacotte, Matale from 14th to 15th June 2014 The stall was declared opened by Rev. Fr. Camillus. D. Jansz, the Director of Caritas Kandy- SETIK . This year the following thematic areas were focused in the exhibition:

The importance of traditional foods: The SETIK staff demonstrated the importance shifting to the organic farming as well as developing traditional foods habits. They also showed different types of organic paddy seeds used by our farmers in the past.

Safe migration: The importance of following the legal and correct procedures were explained while educating the visitors on the strict laws prevails in Middle East countries. It was also showed that, how the children become much vulnerable to many dangers when their parents leave them especially the mothers.

Combating Child Labour: The campaign that has been started by Caritas Kandy -SETIK to fight against Child Labour was explained to the visitors through leaflets and posters.

50th Anniversary- SETIK: This opportunity was used to share the work done by Caritas Kandy -SETIK during the past 50 years and its future endeavors of empowering the people in the central province .It is reported that over 1500 people visited stall.







The Visits of the Dutch Bishops Conference Lenten Campaign (DBLC)

The Dutch Bishops Conference Lenten Campaign is commonly known as the DBLC.

It is the development arm of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Netherland. The DBLC supports human development initiatives in developing countries mainly in African and Asian continents.

A group of members of the DBLC visited Caritas – Kandy; SETIK in February this year to assess the work done by SETIK in the community and to seek the possibilities of collaboration with SETIK in future. At the end of visit, the DBLC group conducted a debriefing session and committed their support to a project focused on youth and their participation:

Subsequently a DBLC technical team visited Sri Lanka from 01st to 11th of June 2014 to do a further need assessment and information collection in order to prepare the materials for their resource mobilization campaign during the Lenten season in Netherlands





Expanding the horizon and working towards a common goal.

46 youth, both males and females from the districts of Nuwara-Eliya, Kandy and Matale attended this camp organized and conducted by the Youth Section of Caritas Kandy – SETIK.

The programme started with a reflection on environment and the participants were given the chance of experiencing the importance watching, listening, reflecting and sharing.

Number of group activities and workshops were conducted on independence, personality, developing relationship and understanding the surrounding we live in.

On the final day, youth realized the importance of revisiting their lives and looking at the future with a border and opened mind. They also stated the importance of expanding their horizon and working as a group to achieve a common goal.

The programme was facilitated by Mr. Sriyananda Bandara a well experienced resource person and assisted by the field officers of the youth section.




The Inter-religious Group Dialogue Session

The inter-religious groups are formed in Mahaiyawa, Poornawatta – east, Poornawatta – upper divisions and Walikanda in Kandy district under the project of Inter Religious Coexistences.

25 members of the inter-religious groups from above areas came together and met at SETIK conference hall on 20th June 2014 and conducted a dialogue session in order to find new approach of moving forward. It was discussed that we should recognize any human being with his/her Human Identity irrespective of their race, caste , religion or language and find the similarities which make us connected without worrying about differences that divide us”

It was agreed to take and discuss about common elements in different religions and ethnicities as the entering point of building inter-religious harmony and coexistence among the different communities.





Enlightening & Educational Programme on Legal Documents

The enlightening & Educational Programme on Legal Documents is one of the important activities of the Empowering Plantation Community (EPC) Project as the lack of legal documents is a major problem affecting the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim community specially the tea plantation community. During the period of April to June 2014, 3 three educational programmes were conducted for the community and they were attended by 150 participants.

As a result of these educational programmes it is reported that 150 problems related to legal documents were identified and the respective people have been directed for remedial actions.

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Vesak Mal(flower) Dansala

Vesak is the most significant religious festival of Buddhists as they mark the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. It is a day of sharing, caring, offering and alms-giving. Many Buddhists go to the temples and participate in different rituals on the Vesak Day especially offering flowers to Lord Buddha.

 With the direction and guidance of Fr. Director and Manager Administration of SETIK (Caritas – Kandy) and support of Hatton district coordinating Father, we came forward and organized two Vesak Mal Dasalas on 14th May 2014 just in front of the Dalada Maligawa, Kandy and at the Nigrodhararama Temple Hatton. Over 5000 flowers were distributed among the devotees at these two dansals. Vesak Mal Dansala is an annual programme of SETIK Kandy and that creates a space for different religious and ethnic groups to come together. Wider publicity was given to this programme through electronic media.


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Web Launch

Caritas Kandy (SETIK), the social arm of the Catholic Church in the central province, which renders immense service to the rural and plantation communities, completes fifty years since its establishment in 1964.

In view of the Golden Jubilee, a new web site was launched at the SETIK auditorium on 29th April 2014, presided over by the Vicar General and Procurator General of the Kandy Diocese, Very Rev. Fr. Milroy Fonseka.

Rev. Fr. Camillus Jansz- Director- SETIK, Mr. N. Clarence Gregory-Manager-SETIK, Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera-SETIK Coordinator-Matale District, Rev. Fr. Leslie Perera-SETIK Coordinator-Hatton, Mr. Anuradha-Web initiator and the staff of SETIK were present at the occasion.???????????????????????????????

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Caritas Kandy (SETIK) – Lenten Programme

The staff of Caritas Kandy (SETIK), along with Rev. Fr. Camillus Jansz, the Director and Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera, Coordinating Priest of Matale District, participated in the annual way of the cross, held in mount Calvary of Wahacotte on 08th of April 2014.

The way of the cross was conducted by Rev. Fr. Joseph Miranda, Bursar and professor of philosophate of National Seminary, Ampitiya, Kandy.

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Cricket Tournament to Enhance Peace and Harmony

This tournament was held at the Ukuwela play ground on the 23rd of March 2014. Thirteen teams comprising of Sinhala and Tamil youth competed in this tournament.

The players who didn’t expect any presents or awards through this tournament, had the sole intention of creating unity and harmony among the ethnic and religious groups without any discrimination.

Through this tournament, the youth were able to lay the foundation for a society that is based on respect for the dignity and equality of persons in the district of Matale.


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International Women’s Day; Empowering of Small Women’s Group

The international women’s day was commemorated with the patronage of Caritas Kandy – SETIK on the 08th of March 2014 at the SETIK Centre, Hatton. On this occasion the participants were enlightened on saving based on domestic management. The resource person was Mr. Nimal, the officer-in-charge of “Kapilagama” gami diriya programme. He enlightened the participants about the significance of empowering the small groups, methodology of maintaining account books and the way of confronting challenges.

This programme was conducted through two phases. While a programme for 35 women leaders from the parishes around Hatton was conducted in the morning, a similar programme was held with the participation of 36 steering committee members in the afternoon.