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Vesak Programme

A Vesak (marking birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha) devotional song festival 2015 conducted on 05-05-2015 at Sri Rathanasrama Buddhist Temple, Deltota within the Divisional Secretariat of Deltota in Kandy District.

This festival was organized by the youth group of Deltota and held under the patronage of Ven. Meegammana Sorathana Thero. As a result of this festival, national integration, peace and harmony has been enhanced among the various ethnic and religious groups.

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Inter Religious Cultural Programme

Sinhala & Hindu New year festival was celebrated under the E.P.C. project of the SETIK as an inter-religious and cultural programme at Piyasenapura in the Grama Niladhari Division of Gonangoda of the Divisional Secretariat of Deltota in Kandy District on the 25-04-2015.

This was held with the participation of over 400 persons including inter-religious dignitaries, government officers and people belong to various ethnic and religious groups.

This was held in order to enhance unity, peace and harmony among the Sinhala, Tamil & Muslim communities which included many sports and cultural events.

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Leadership Development – Out Bound Programmes

Two out bound programmes from 25th – 26th April and 16th – 17th May 2015 were carried out by the DBLC team with the cooperation of the KDMC Director, the Asst. Director of Education Matale, the Director-St. John’s Ambulance/Life Guards and Cadets of Matale for 58 youth from plantations and rural G.N. Divisions. At the end of the programme the youth were motivated with leadership qualities, personalities and in disaster management empowering them in the society to be recognized responsible character’s in the society.

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Computer Training Programme

The Youth from the plantation areas and rural G.N. Divisions whose parents are in the low income category and as a result the youth were fortunate to get them educated with the modern technology was offered a free Basic Computer course which were held on 19th to 25th of April 2015 and 17th to 25th May 2015.

In the basic computer course which was held at the Caritas Kandy (SETIK) they were introduced to the office package by Mrs. H. C. A. J. Samarasekera, a computer consultant at SETIK which was followed by an exam (on theory and practical) for those with A/L results were introduced to a number of job opportunities from the job bank maintained at the centre who are schooling yet were introduced to a number of software competitions so that they will face their lives as dignified youth.

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Exposure Programme (Within Diocese)

The Youth were given a rare opportunity to participate in two exposure programmes within the Diocese on 25th & 26th April and 23rd & 24th May with the leadership of the DBLC team.

About 130 youth were able to engage themselves in understanding the life style of a different ethnic group such as plantation and rural villages in their social, economical background with the educational background, sports, leisure activities, and day to day activities and learn about the differences in family bounds.

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Partners’ Visit

Caritas Japan funding partners visited SETIK on 22nd to 25th of April to evaluate the project labour migrants. They visited the fields and made discussions with the community members regarding the project activities and the impact. They also had a discussion with Rev. Fr. Director and the staff of the migrant unit about the future intervention.



New Year Programme

The Kirkoswald G.N. Division was gifted with a Sinhala and Tamil New Year programme by the DBLC team on the 18th of April 205 which were participated by about 450 participants including youth, children and community members from the area.

The participants got the opportunity to engage themselves in several folk games, cultural events, to understand the differences between ethnic groups and religious groups, so that they will live in peace and harmony.

The day was blessed with the presence of the Director Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera, Caritas Kandy (SETIK), as the Chief Guest, the Coordinating Priest, Nuwara Eliya, Religious Leaders (Buddhist, Hindu, Islam), Government Officials, the Estate Manager and Staff.

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Visit from DKA – Austria

Mr. Elango.R , the Programme Support Officer of DKA – Austria was with Caritas – Kandy SETIK visiting the sites/fields, meeting participants and stakeholders of the projects supported by DKA – Austria from 18th – 21st of February 2015. DKA- Austria is a key partner of the Caritas Kandy – SETIK who is presently supporting two projects namely, the Eradication of Child Labour and Empowerment of the Plantation Community. During his visit Mr. Elango conducted meetings with the Director, Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera and the members of the SETIK.

 He also discussed with SETIK regarding the main thematic focuses of DKA – Austria and identified challenging areas which could be addressed by the DKA Austria through their future interventions in Sri Lanka.

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The Thaipongal Day -2015

Caritas Kandy – SETIK celebrated the Thaipongal Festival 2015 on 17th January 2015 at the office premises with the participation of around 150 people including men, women, youth and children from all the religious groups. The festival commenced by putting Kolam on the floor and putting fire on to the wood oven. Then Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera, the director of SETIK put three spoons of rice to the pot. Addressing the crowd, Fr. Desmond mentioned about the importance and need of celebrating such religious festival and bringing all the religious groups to gather for religious co-existence.
While the rice was being boiled the crowd attended a special educational programme on Thaipongal at SETIK auditorium which was conducted by the SETIK staff. Once the rice was cooked a special thanksgiving Hindu Pooja was conducted by a Hindu Kurukkal and then the Pongal was served to the crowd.

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