Formation of a group of psycho-social counselors

A group of 15 persons have been selected and trained as psycho-social counselors under the Be-friending programme of the DBLC project. Right now, these counselors are stationed in different GN divisions and parishes in the central province enabling the youth to discuss their mental and spiritual problems.

The counselors have been well-equipped in knowledge and abilities through constant awareness and training programmes. Further, the youth groups too have been enlightened about these counselors and have given necessary instructions to meet and obtain their services in case of emergency requirement.

The training was provided under the supervision and leadership of Rev. Fr. Jude Anjelo a well trained counselor of the Diocese of Kandy in phases. The first and second phases of the training was conducted on 24th – 26th April and 15th – 17th May 2015. The third and the final phase of training will be conducted on 26th – 28th June 2015 at Wahakotte, Training center.

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