Helping hands for our brothers and sisters in the war affected areas in Sri Lanka

The major challenge for Sri Lanka after the war; is providing meals, sanitation and shelter for the displaced people in the war affected areas.

SETIK was given an opportunity to carry this mission with the blessings and the fullest support of Rt. Rev. Dr. Vianney Fernando – the Bishop of Kandy. With the help of all the Parish Priests and religious Sisters and civil people of the Diocese of Kandy, Setik collected dry rations, medicines and cash donations to support this affected people.

The Director of Setik – Rev. Fr. Camillus Jansz took the initiative to collect these items and cash from the donors of the Central Province and finally collected dray rations and cash donations wroth of Rs. 10,500,000.00. On 12th June 2009 the collected items and cash were handed over to the Sedec (Caritas Sri Lanka) and they took the responsibility to distribute them among suffering people.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Bishop of Kandy – who was always guiding us for all our good work at Setik. Meantime we thank all the Parish Priests, religious Sisters and for the civil people who encouraged us, contributing towards this humanitarian assistance.