International Women’s Day – 2009

SETIK-Kandy commemorates the International Women’s Day on 7th of March 2009 at the Hatton Setik Centre. The theme of the celebration was “Let us Protect Her as our own Mother”. We organized this programme to ensure the rights of women to protect and promote their dignity without discrimination. There were about 475 participants took place at the programme.

The programme started after the sticker campaign which was done by the youth groups of our fields. Introductory address was given by Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney, and he explained about the issues related to violation of women’s rights. In his speech he highlighted the social, economic, political and cultural issues which women face in their day today life.

Our Guest Speakers for the programme were Mrs. Rathnasamy – Assistant Director of Zonal Education in Hatton and Mrs. Suranji Wijenayaka- Att-at-Law. They made their keynotes about the issues of the plantation women such as abortion, less literacy rate in the plantation women, domestic violence and child labour in both Tamil and Sinhala mediums.

After the sessions a common discussion session took place at the programme to get the feed back from the participants and to forward their questions. After the discussion session two women from the plantation sector and rural sector address the audience by sharing their experience with their day today life routine. The programme concluded with an entertainment by a group of women.