Peace Exposure Programme between the Dioceses of Kandy and Jaffna

Thirty two members belong to the sixteen C.B.O’s in Central Province and four staff members of the IHDP project took part in this exposure programme, held on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November 2012 in Jaffna Diocese.

 On the 25th & 26th, the visitors were able to witness the historical places in Jaffna devastated by the 30 year war. After that, they were able to meet and share the bitter experience of the resettled refugees who were displaced during the war.

Later, they met the resettled people after being displaced due to war and shared their experience and they were able to realize the destruction caused to the human life. On the 26th, the visitors shared their living experience with the host by spending the night. This was arranged by Rev. Fr. Leo.

On the following day, they left Jaffna with firm fraternity and grief stricken mind. Further, the guests and the host had decided to continue their relationship.

 On the 27th, our group took part in a religious observance at the Nagadeepa Viharaya and the temple. The devotion shown by the Rev. Fr. Director of HUDEC and Rev. Fr. Director of our organization should be very much appreciated.