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Opening the Owala Project to the Community

The following projects sponsored and implemented jointly by ‘Caritas Kandy (SETIK)’ organization and CRS organization were vested to the community. These were declared open by the Director-SETIK organization, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz at 10.00 a.m. on 6th of October 2010.

Reparing the roofs of the line rooms at ‘Samagi’ colony at Owala estate.Sanitation Project (35 new toilets have been built)Water supply scheme (Restoration of Pipe lines)

The Director, Administrator, officers attached to Migrants’ unit, Youth unit and Platation unit of our organization took part in this function and it was organized by the CRS unit.

The Cooperation extended by the Divisional Secretariat and the staff of Rattota Divisional Secretariat is indeed praiseworthy. Representatives of the Divisional Secretary also took part in this function.

This project was implemented within a period of eithteen months and the people are now enjoying these facilities. There is a remarkable change in the environment and the living conditions of the people now. There was a cultural event of the children, which reflected their abilities and talents.

Further, ‘Samagi’ community based organization (CBO) is fully devoted to fulfill the requirements of the people.

We wish them all success.

Community Development Training Course

CRS project of Caritas Kandy (SETIK) organized and conducted Six (06) workshops as series of Community Development Training Course to mobilize target people of Karagastenna and Owala Estates in Matale district successfully. We were able to train them as trainers of training through different subject matters. In the process, CRS team of the SETIK, fully involved in coordination and contributed financially.

The following subject matters were discussed to enlighten their knowledge:

* Community Leadership and qualities of leaders

 * Organic agriculture, home gardening and animal husbandry

– Practical training

* History of Community Development and its development

– Fundamentals of community development

– Duties and responsibilities of community societies

* Human Rights and its concepts

– Development of Human Rights and its categories

– Civil rights

* Disaster Management

– Community and technology

* Positive thinking

– Mental and health development

– Identification of community issues, Data collection updating

We have gathered the above subject matters of Community Development as a course to enhance knowledge and understanding of rural and plantation sector community. It was really helped a lot to them. We concluded this series of workshops on 09th May 2010 as its last training workshop. The certificate award ceremony was held on 15th May 2010 by Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney, the National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, the Director of Caritas Kandy (SETIK), Rev. Fr. Roy Clarence, the Director of Catholic Commission for Migrants, Rev. Fathers of Kandy Diocese, Rev. Sisters and other invitees were present at this ceremony. Also over 350 SETIK beneficiaries were participated this significant event as representatives of the rural and plantation sectors.

Cultural Pageant and Welcoming Ceremony of Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney, the National Director

The annual Certificate Awarding Ceremony pertaining to various courses, competitions and seminars and the welcoming ceremony of the former Director of SETIK and the present National Director, Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney, was held at the SETIK auditorium in a grand manner on the 15th May 2010.

About 300 youths (Males & Females) in the Central Province who secured the places in Computer Courses, Cultural Programmes, Drama Competitions, Art Exhibitions, Oratorical Contests and various other programmes were awarded the certificates.

The youths (Males & Females) by using their talents, skills and knowledge at our programmes conducted in their areas, presented various cultural performances to entertain the crowd. Further, a programme ‘power point presentation’ was also presented in honour of the services rendered by the Rev.Father during his service as the Dire

ctor of SETIK organization. The certificate award ceremony was held by Rev. Fr. George Sigamoney, the National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka, Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, the Director of Caritas Kandy (SETIK), Rev. Fathers of Kandy Diocese, Rev. Sisters and other invitees.

The programme which commenced at 9.00 a.m. was concluded at 1.00 p.m.

Environmental Exhibition

An exhibition organized by the ‘SETIK’ on the above, was held at the ‘Wahacotte Church’ ground on the 19th & 20th of June 2010, during the annual church feast.

 The Youth, Human Rights and the Migrants’ unites of our organization were arrange an exhibition on the following objectives.

Youth Unit – Springs and their environmental significance in the Central Province.

 Human Rights Unit – Let us protect the rights of the women.

 Migrants’ Unit – Safe Migration

 A massive crowd gathered for the annual church feast and the service. People showed a keen interest to view these exhibition stalls and a fair knowledge about ‘SETIK organization’.

Commemoration of International Women’s Day 2010

Caritas Kandy (SETIK), HR Unit, organized the international women’s day for the plantation and rural community on 27th March 2010 at Greenwood International School, Matale. The purpose of this ceremony was to lay emphasis on the responsibility towards protecting women’s rights, by way of building up environmental strategies for active participation.

 There were 500 participants. This programme was conducted in Sinhala and Tamil languages under the topic of “Eradication of Domestic Harassment and Violation against Women”. Police officer in charge of women’s bureau, Kandy, Mrs. Bamunusinghe was the resource person. During the session many issues were discussed and decided to handover a memorandum to the Ministry of Child and Women’s affair.

 Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, Director-SETIK, Rev. Fr. Roy Clarence, Director of Migrant Commission, Rev. Fr. Harold Thamel, Parish Priest of Matale, Officer in charge of Crime Division, Matale Police Station, Officer in charge of Child and Women’s Division, Matale Police Station and few Attorney-at-Lawyers were present.

During the day, there were cultural events took place in order to give more brightness to the international women’s day 2010.

 At the end of the programme, a memorandum was presented to the Resource Person, (Police Officer in charge of Child and Women’s Division, Kandy Police Station), to hand over to the Child and Women’s Affairs Ministry.

Celebration of Thai Pongal Festival

The Thai Pongal celebrations in Kandy, Rattota and Hatton held on 16/01/2010, aiming at fostering Ethnic, Peace and Harmony, under the patronage of Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz, Director-SETIK, staffs and Rainbow children numbering 110 altogether. Ceremony at Mahaiyawa Hindu Temple, was graced by delivering both in Sinhala and Tamil languages.

Celebrations at Rattota Mairmuttu Hindu temple attended to, by, Rev. Wimalarathna Thero of Ganetenna, Rev. Sr. Bertha and Rev. Sr. Calista of Rattota Holy Family Convent at which Resource Person Mr. M. Mohanraj, delivered a speech.

At the same time, Pooja conducted at Hatton Siva Subramaniam Kovil, well attended by SETIK staff inclusive of children, where the children were enlightened the prevalence of cultural unity among ethnic groups.

Events June to December 2009

The Commemoration of the Poson Full Moon Day

The Poson full moon day has a significant recognition among the Buddhists of Sri Lanka, where doctrines are concerned.
Several aspects of 2400 years old, existence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, embarked by King and his Ministers.
On 27th of June 2009, celebrated Poson Bakthi gee at SETIK, with the participation of Children of various religions which attended by Buddhists and Christian priests, Religious sisters, Mowlawar and religious leaders and parents.






International Youth Day 2009

Conducted on 23rd August 2009 by ‘SETIK’ Youth unit at Hantana, with the participation of 184 youths respectively from Kandy, Matale and Nuwara Eliya.
Screening “Meth Sevana” short film to eradicate addiction of youth, in liquor and drugs and to build up a violence free society, in the central province had been the objective of this programme, and at its conclusion one year planning launched to form a prevention group, consisting of 29 altogether.






Exposure Programme for Migrant’s Children

The exposure programme to migrant children of an age group of 8-15 years who were to participate Nuwara Eliya Deanery, Migrant’s Commission, on 26th September 2009, at the personality development programme, Gampola, Ambuluwawa, inter religious centre, Peradeniya botanical gardens followed by, personality development programme, at Pallekele as well.
The migrant’s children who attended Nuwara Eliya Deanery programme did not have any background, knowledge in environmental aspects, since birth.
Paying respect at Gampola, Ambuluwawa, inter religious centre, gathered knowledge similarly visiting Peradeniya botanical gardens, and gathered knowledge about plants and to try them out in their home gardens, by sharing their feelings about the plantation and village level, peaceful environment prevailed at the Pallekele camp fire, held.

Current Issues

Participating 230 workers on current issues on a seminar, based on basic problems experienced by workers, at Hatton, Shakthi Hall.
* Theme had been the plantation sector wages problems and collective agreement implications.
* The three activities at field level to development programme are as follows.
1. Opening of Libraries
2. Shramadana Campaigns
3. Literary classes and
4. organization of community based issues
A memorandum with 250 workers signatures caused to be submitted had been prepared to be addressed to the Ministers and Parliament respectively.

Universal Children’s Day Celebrations

Participating 400 children, SETIK Kandy celebrated the Universal Children’s day on Saturday the 10th October 2009, at Kandy Police Stadium under the patronage of Rt. Rev. Dr. Vianney Fernando, the Bishop of Kandy, in association with Very Rev. Fr. Milroy Fonseka, Archdeacon of Kandy, Ven. Kosgala Gnanaseeha Thero and other religious leaders, Kandy, District Secretary, OIC Kandy, Child and Women Bureau, respectively.

This year programme focussed on the following;
1. Social Impact of the Children – With the disposal of banners and placards representing procession of Ethnic groups, commenced from Kandy, Hindu Kovil.
2. Knowledge – Placards with the depiction of the following proceeded.
* Child Protection Policy
* Value of Education
* Value of Children to the Nation
* Opinions and advises to the children
* Beauty of Childhood
3. Relaxation – By provision of resourceful contribution from popular comedy actor, Anton Jude, conducted a musical programme to mark the occasion.

Commemoration of the Universal Human Rights Day

Commission for Justice Peace Human Development Human Rights Secretariat, which known as “SETIK”, commemorated the day targeting rural and plantation sector in the Central Province, on 10th December 2009 at Kandy, Postal Complex Auditorium.
Object of this programme sponsored by CAFOD was to draw state attention on human rights issues of villages and plantation sectors.
540 participants were attended. Mr. Saibudeen and Mrs. Sobana Rajendran, of Peradeniya University were the Resource persons of this programme. Besides, other religious dictionaries too participated along with respective other state connected officers.Kandurara City FM, radio channel live telecast of this programme taken place to our credit.