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Alms Giving Programme

The students, staff and the principal of the Deaf and Dumb school at Koswana, Kaikawela, Matale was surprised and felt wonderful when the DBLC team with the Rev. Fr. Director, Caritas Kandy (SETIK) and the staff joined them on the 10th of June 2015 to participate in the alms giving which was organized by the DBLC team headed by Mr. Rayappan Raj, to celebrate Wesak and Poson in a spiritual manner.

The first item was a variety entertainment programme, and the welcoming speech was done by Vice Principal of the school. Mr. Amarasinghe a member of the SETIK staff had the opportunity to explain what SETIK (Caritas) is and its services for the last 50 years.

The dancing group of the school, trained by a volunteer teacher, entertained the gathering with a traditional dance which was highly appreciated by all. The Rev. Fr. Director, in his address shared his experiences with the students motivating them to be perfect children.

The students were gifted with the chance of watching two inspiring videos by the DBLC team.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Nilani, the Principal of the school. All the speeches were translated to students by a teacher in to sign language.

After the programme, the students were taken in to the dining hall where they were served the alms giving. The warden who is in charge of the dormitory was assisted with some of the requirements of the students.

The last item of the day was a shramadana campaign with their youth members cleaning the dormitory and the school premises.

A successful day came to an end leaving unforgettable memories to about 80 who were at the deaf and dumb school, Koswana, Kaikawela, Matale.

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The International Day against Child Labour celebrated:

The International Day against Child Labour falls on 12th June. The Caritas Kandy – SETIK has been organizing various programmes to mark this day as an annual event and this year’s Day against Child Labour was celebrated on Saturday the 06th June 2015 in Matale with the participation of about 350 people including children, parents, government officers and religious dignitaries from all four main religions.

The day programme commenced at 10.00 am with a peaceful walk at St. Thomas’ Catholic Church in Matale and participants walked around the Matale city, distributing leaflets, displaying placards to combat Child Labour and to eradicate child abuses.

Later, the crowd gathered at the main hall of the St. Thomas’ College, Matale for a public meeting. The proceedings of the meeting began with the lighting of traditional oil lamp and a traditional welcome dance performed by the little children of Rainbow class of Rattota.

 The programme of the public meeting consisted of a number of activities such as short video films on child rights and two speeches by Ven. Dikkubura Indrajothi Thero and Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera, the Director of Caritas Kandy SETIK.

Each child was presented with a token of gift to appreciate their participation in the event and the programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Rev. Fr. Aruna Laksiri, the coordinating Priest of the Matale district.

“Let’s Build a New World for the Children” is the theme of this year’s Caritas Kandy – SETIK Day against Child Labour.

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Poland Scholarship Programme

The Poland Scholarship programme was held on the 18th of May 2015 with the presence of the Director Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera. 25 Children who are doing Advanced Level, College of Education, University Education, Vocational Training were selected from the low income and marginalized families in Parishes and fields.


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Formation of a group of psycho-social counselors

A group of 15 persons have been selected and trained as psycho-social counselors under the Be-friending programme of the DBLC project. Right now, these counselors are stationed in different GN divisions and parishes in the central province enabling the youth to discuss their mental and spiritual problems.

The counselors have been well-equipped in knowledge and abilities through constant awareness and training programmes. Further, the youth groups too have been enlightened about these counselors and have given necessary instructions to meet and obtain their services in case of emergency requirement.

The training was provided under the supervision and leadership of Rev. Fr. Jude Anjelo a well trained counselor of the Diocese of Kandy in phases. The first and second phases of the training was conducted on 24th – 26th April and 15th – 17th May 2015. The third and the final phase of training will be conducted on 26th – 28th June 2015 at Wahakotte, Training center.

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Exposure Programme (Inter Diocese)

An inter Diocese exposure programme was organized by the DBLC team for 03 days from 9th May to the 11th of May 2015 for 50 selected youth from the up country (hill country) plantations and rural areas and were taken to Batticaloa were they were occupied with love, forgiveness, peace, unity and equality to assure human relationships between different ethnic and religious groups.

The Director of Caritas Batticaloa was the Chief Guest who was backed by the Caritas staff and the main event of the programme was to donate blood to the blood bank, base hospital, Batticaloa which was successfully completed by completing 35 pint of blood under the supervision of the blood bank staff.

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