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The above mentioned Christmas programme was celebrated with the participation of 208 people of all four religions from Kandy District.

Especially, without any differences of ethnic or religion they took part in singing and dancing as a one family and they took attempt to build up a strong “Unity” among their societies through this programme.

The Chief Guest of this programme was Rev.Fr.Newman Peiris, mentioned at his speech, that the Lord Jesus Christ was born on this earth to forgive the sinners and to bring peace among them; therefore we too should live in the way he showed us. We should live with peace and harmony.

At the end Christmas gifts were given to the children who took part in the programme.82310891_1410059552495886_6092943754040180736_o82268387_1410059345829240_197297435934982144_o81969443_1410059419162566_4093504063910445056_o82310891_1410059552495886_6092943754040180736_o81812314_1410059509162557_741996660271349760_o


International tea day was celebrated by caritas Kandy SETIK on 14th of December 2019 at Holy cross church’s parish hall in Hatton.

Rev Fr.Mahendra  Gunathilaka (The National Director – SEDEC) was the chief guest of this programme. The guest of honor of this programme was Rev Fr Desmond Perera  (The director Caritas Kandy – SETIK) Rev Fr Mangaladas (District coordinator – Matale District) , Rev Fr Newman Pieris (District coordinator – Nuwaraeliya District) were also presented on this programme.

.Mr A.C.R.John (Ecomonic Development officer – Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretariat and social activist on plantation sector) who was the resource person of this programme had given speech by highlighting basic needs and rights of plantation community, Facts of giving Rs 1000/= for a labour etc….

265 participant (CBO Members) were mobilized from this programme.DSC_7415DSC_7426DSC_7433DSC_7432DSC_7456DSC_7526DSC_7466DSC_7551DSC_7572DSC_7486


International migrant day falls on 18th December each year. In commemoration of the migrant day Caritas Kandy SETIK Organized a programme on 7th of December 2019 at the SETIK Auditorium. The Chief Guest of the programme was Rev. Fr. Desmond Perera, the Director of Caritas Kandy – SETIK, under the theme ‘let’s respects the working women’. Mrs. Sobana Rajendran, a senior Lecture of the Peradeniya University delivered the day’s message on migrant issues. CBO leaders (Women) from Kandenuwara, Ambalamana, and Hatton with youth participated in the programme. 175 Members were mobilized from this programme.  The SETIK Staff gave their fullest co-operation and the programme was conducted by EPW Unit.DSC_7092DSC_7097DSC_7129DSC_7165DSC_7161DSC_7218DSC_7239


This youth camp was organized by Caritas kandy SETIK with the guidance and sponsorship by caritas SEDEC. (The National Center)

102 youth were participated in this camp representing 13 D.C’s.  which was held in 28th and 29th August 2019.

The youth were engaged in several leadership programmes conducted by Rev Fr. Cecil Xavier – former director of the youth apostolate, and Rev Fr Roshan Almeda the rector of the minor seminary Poornawatta Kandy.

They were given an opportunity to here on the importance of Prevention of drugs and alcohol’.

The youth enjoyed the two days irrespectively of their language differences.DSC_4187DSC_4199DSC_4209DSC_4215DSC_4232DSC_4254DSC_4367DSC_4406DSC_4445DSC_4474DSC_4515DSC_4515DSC_4854DSC_4975DSC_4726


These capacity building training programmes were held for school children in Galaha and Madawala by Mr Nihal Dissanayaka and the main objectives of the programme were

To introduce:

1.  Organic farming to school children

2.  Organic home gardens

3.  Preventing of soil erosion

4.  Organic manure

5.  How to cultivate in a limited space

6.  Creative methods for  home gardens


The story from price Siddartha’s birth until his enlightenment (Siddartha Gautama Became Buddha) was the main theme of the programme. The noble qualities of Lord Buddha were described using power point presentation.

The main aim of the programme was to educate the participants of other religions on BuddhismDSC_6221DSC_6234DSC_6226.


A programma on advocacy and lobbing was held on the 24th of September 2019 in the SETIK auditorium. Mr W.M.P.K Walisinha, Former – Deputy Director Sri Lanka Hadabima a20190924_10524920190924_104405uthority, Gannoruwa Peradeniya was the resource personal.

There were about 56 participants for the above said programme and they were privileged in learning about the current economy situation of the country, and on modern methods of organic farming.


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Involving local media to promote inter-religious harmony programme was held on the 21st of March  2019 at St’ Thomas church Matale.

This was a discussion session organized by Peace and PCV units of Caritas Kandy SETIK with the involvement of media to discuss about the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Religious leaders of  Matale District, Government officers, vigilant group leaders and media such as Shakthi TV/ ITN/ Rupawahini and Verbum TV joined with us.

Specially we expressed that media support is needed to control and prevent drug addictions among society. On the 5th of April 2019 at 8.30pm Verbum TV telecasted this programme.


Central province forum was held on 23rd of January 2019 at SETIK auditorium Kandy with the participation of 35 members

Mr. Murugiah joined as the resource person and we continued to talk about the land issues and about salary increments.

Furthermore, we discussed,

  1. What is a collective agreement
  2. What are the things included in such a cen p f 5cen p f 3cen p p 2document?
  3. The parties who are supposed to sign during the agreement and also about the relevant trade unions who are connected with the procedure etc…..


There were a symposium and a regional gathering held on 24th and 25th of January 2019 at Samurdhi hall in Ratnapura By representing Kandy, Badulla, Gall and Rathnapura diocese. 85 members with consists of religious leaders, diocesan directors, government officers interreligious group members, and some intellectuals had taken part this particular event. This programme conducted under the theme of ‘The safe nation by protecting all religions’.

Staffs of Paffrel organization and a lawyer explained them about how to develop harmony, the positive effects of good governance, current political situation and the constitution, IMG_20190124_091938sympo 1sympo 2sympo m3sympo 5sympo 6IMG_20190124_110854sympo 7IMG-20190126-WA0002IMG-20190126-WA0004etc…

It is to be highlighted that this event was organized by Caritas – Rathnapura Sethmini organization with the guidance of Caritas Colombo SEDEC